Sunday, 14 August 2011

The perfect sunday roast - Yummy cake!

Well when the phone rang this week i expect my usual sort of call " Hi , i love your cakes , can i order a nice plain cake for my son's birthday, not too fussy and not too much detail on it please. It won't be too expensive will it? "  Well this time i was pleasantly suprised to get told they were doing a children's themed party for their 21yr old son and they wanted a sunday dinner as his cake , as long as it was a pork joint i had free reign over the design. So as i havent ever tried pork i did some research into what a pork belly joint looks like as they were specific about it needing plenty of crackling. Then i got to work first came the roast potatoes flled with rice crispie treats and covered in fondant and fondant carrotts. 

They were just part of the design though so i then got on with making the huge joint of meat, a nice big piece with lots of crackling, glazed and roasted. I then painted the chopping board to look like wood. 

Then came the time to put everything together , I added in some peas and here you go ..... my Ideal roast Vanilla cake ! 

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