Sunday, 6 February 2011

And so the spring cleaning commences, watch out Ebay i'm on my way!

I have decided the house is too cluttered, we have filled a hippo bag with things we are unable to recycle or give away its totally emptied the garage and for the first time since we brought this house we can finally see that you should get a car in there, all be it a very tiny one for a very small person.
If you haven't heard of hippo bags yet let me enlighten you. sell 2 types of bag both nice and big to hold lots of your household clutter. You simply purchase a bag from one of the chosen retail outlets. Most DIY stores sell them . Then fill it and when your ready call and pay a collection fee. Its much cheaper than a skip and over 80% of what they collect from you gets recycled. Which i thought was fab!
I have made room for my ever growing cake making kit and i now even have room for more. I shall be planning a trip to this years cake show to stock up more don't worry, i never miss a chance to shop.

Now is a great time to have a clear out, the recycling centres are usually quieter as people tend to wait for the good weather. The Hippo Bags are a great ideal if your unable to fit all your clutter into your car especially with the convenient option of having it collected when you like. I seem to have the spring cleaning bug now and I'm looking for the next little area to declutter no area of the home will be safe this week.

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