Monday, 31 January 2011

Well here i go....... no stopping me now!

Hi everyone ..... oh wait its just me so far .. Hmmmm I need some followers don't I!
Well ill get started and hopefully one day little old lonely me will have a few very bored people who will take pity and join in my fun.
I have been in business now for just over a year , i started out with my first ever cake which was made in a rush for my lovely Mum. Sadly she passed away just a few short months later, But what she said about loving the cake has always stuck with me. So i decided when she passed away that i would start my own business designing and selling cakes. I started out very slowly making fun 3D styled cakes, with lots of details and a little injection of the birthday persons personality. I had some lovely comments from the cakes and I haven't looked back. I am now doing wedding cakes too and i would like to think i get better with every cake as i learn more and more.

I will be using this blog to share business news, events and new designs. Plus a little bit of me and what i like. If i find any great companies who i feel give great service and products i will share those with you too.

I hope i do find a few followers along the way it will be a fun journey i promise.

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